Molleton fabric EN 13773-c1

Molton Fabric:
Molton fabric, also called stage molton, is a fabric napped on both sides, usually made of 100% cotton. It is most commonly used in the width of 300 cm recently also available in the width of 400 cm. The weave of stage molton is a twill weave, which is visible by a bias of the weave. The weight per square meter is approx. 300 g/m², which provides good sound absorption. At the same time, the fabric can be used for heavy darkening, e.g. as a backdrop on stages and at trade fairs. A variant are ready-made stage molton curtains with eyelets in the upper area in the sizes 300 x 300 cm or 400 x 300 cm, optionally in any size can be made up by us. Eyed curtains are usually available from stock.   Usually stage molton is offered online by the meter, the customer determines the desired length.
The flame-retardant equipment, according to DIN 4102 B1 or EN 13773-c1 is the prerequisite for use in public buildings, at trade fairs, in theaters, in discotheques, schools, public authorities, in studios, at events, on stages, in cinemas. Other applications include transport protection of boxes or delicate objects. There is a certificate confirming the flame retardancy of the fabric. The flame retardant finish is not resistant to moisture or washing. This means that the material cannot be washed without losing the flame retardant, even moisture would cause the loss of the finish. The fabric is in principle washable, but loses the flame retardant, this can be retrofitted with a spray.
Stage Molton is available in many different colors, e.g. black, white, gray, bordeaux are the classic colors. Special features are green box and blue box, they are used in film and television to change backgrounds afterwards.
Variations of molleton: the classic stage molleton has an approximate weight of 300 g/m². An alternative is the deco-molton with plain weave with a weight of approx. 160g/m². Significantly lighter and less opaque, very suitable for decorations where blackout and sound insulation are not the primary requirements. Also flame retardant according to DIN 4102 B1.
The 500 g/m² molleton is the significantly heavier quality, also available in 300 cm and flame retardant according to DIN 4102 B1, also known as Kalmuck. Wherever sound insulation is a priority, it offers an optimal alternative.
Another variant is the Satin Molton, 100% cotton, one side napped, the other side smooth and shiny. 300 cm wide, also approx. 300 g/m², the noble surface is suitable for curtains in the festive area.
For outdoor use, a polyester molleton is useful, which is permanently flame retardant and remains flame retardant even after washing or after a rain. This molleton can also be bought in the width of 3 cm.
The highest quality variant is stage molton made of 100% Trevira CS, permanently flame retardant, washable, permanently usable, 300 g/m², 300 cm wide.



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