Blackout fabric

Blackout fabrics are opaque fabrics used to darken rooms. Due to the smooth surface and soft drape, the fabric has a very attractive appearance. Wherever sunlight is strong or should be completely prevented, blackout fabrics are used. The weight per square meter is about 295 g, the fabric width is about 150 cm and the material composition is usually 100% polyester. The degree of darkening is from 90 to 100% depending on the material composition and coating. The black-out fabric can also be processed twice to optimize the degree of darkening. A pleat allowance of 100% has a very appealing visual effect. The purposes of use are as follows: Window darkening of hotel rooms, schools, old people's homes, doctors' offices, object furnishings, offices, kindergartens, children's rooms, curtains in the living area and in the sleeping area also well suited for shift workers. A big issue is sun protection and privacy. Usually used as window blackout in the interior, also from sliding curtain. Care 30 ° delicate wash. Quantities up to 40 m in one piece available. Yard goods according to your wishes. The fabric is also offered in flame retardant finish DIN 4102 B1. You can buy blackout fabrics, also called dimout fabrics, in different colors at low prices from us. Popular colors are white, black, champagne, dark blue, yellow and sand and many more. Sewing service: we will be happy to sew individually according to your measurements, we will make you an offer beforehand. The material can be processed very well by sewing, stapling and gluing. We are also happy to send you a free fabric sample, please let us know your address.

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