Velvet fabrics

Velvet made of 100% cotton, very noble, high quality surface. Three-dimensional fabric, approx. 150 cm wide, flame retardant DIN 4102 B1. The flame retardant is not water resistant, so the fabric must not be washed or come into contact with moisture in order not to affect the flame retardant. An exception is velvet made of 100% Trevira CS, which is permanently flame retardant.
Velvet can be used very well for noble curtains, also in public buildings, theaters, museums and on stages. In the assortment are two weight classes, a very heavy luxury velvet and a lighter variant.
Can also be used in the private sector, for curtains, drapes, covers, pillowcases, bedspreads, patchwork. Due to the volume of the surface also very soundproof, opaque and very suitable for protection against cold and heat. The flame retardant can be removed by washing.

Fabrics made of velvet can be ordered online from us as yard goods at a low price. We cut the desired meters according to individual needs.
Sewing service: We offer customized sewing service with all your sewing requirements, please specify the desired dimensions, we will be happy to provide a free quotation.
Sample Service: We will be happy to send you a free fabric sample, please don't forget the address.


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