Nettle and cheese coton

Cotton Nettle

Cotton nettle is a very inexpensive, 100% cotton, plain weave fabric with a weight of approx. 200 g/m². The fabric is produced in widths from 160 cm up to 1000 cm. The raw fabric, i.e. without finishing, has shrinkage values up to 10% when washed, so this effect can be used very well when the fabric is stretched on a frame.

When wetted, the nettle stretches strongly so that wrinkles are pulled out. This is only useful with unfinished fabric. The flame retardant finished fabric must not be washed or come into contact with moisture in order to maintain the flame retardancy.

In addition to the distinction between flame retardant according to DIN 4102 B1 and non-flame retardant, the cotton fabric is available in the following solid colors: natural, bleached white, gray and black. Special colors are of course also possible with the appropriate quantity. As a pure natural fabric, the nettle can also be dyed itself. It is important to prewash it to wash out the avivage and shrinkage values. As a strong cotton fabric, it is easy to work with when sewing.

In the stage/theater field, raw nettle is often used for painting, the flame retardant is then added directly to the paint. Other uses are many: inexpensive fabric to try out patterns first. For curtains, for draperies, covers and guy wires. For discotheques, offices, fairs, museums, photo studios, events, cinemas, store fitting, government offices, studios, government offices In addition to the 200 g/m² quality, there is also nettle in the weight class 80 g/m², also called veil nettle and nettle in the 300 g/m² is called heavy nettle, it is a thick, strong cotton fabric.

Nettle in the width of 320 cm, 420 cm, 520 cm, 620 cm and 1000 cm width is of course interesting for guy ropes in halls without sewing webs.

Available is the nettle fabric in plain, that is, one color, by the meter, cut individually for you according to your wishes.


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