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100% mohair yarn or mohair blends

Item number: SC25921

Mohair yarn on a spool different colours and yarn range

Category: Alpaca, mohair, camel hair and cashmere yarns


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Mohair yarn is spun from the so-called undercoat of the Angora goat. This undercoat is already wonderfully fluffy soft and quite pure. The best mohair fiber has a large amount of this down and very little outer hair. The fine and noble mohair yarns can be spun from this mohair fluff. These yarns are noble because they are extremely fine, with a diameter of less than 10 to 18 microns, and are precisely non-scratchy.

Sheep's wool, for example, has twice the diameter of an angora fiber. Approximately 2 - 6 kg of angora fiber can be obtained from one goat per year. In the case of angora goats, the wool is cut and sheared twice a year. Later, the valuable down is mechanically separated from the upper hair and all impurities. In a further step, the wool is washed and spun until it can be further processed.
For dyeing the mohair wool, the white varieties are suitable. The yarn is perfect for weaving and knitting, but can also be used for crochet.