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High-quality fashion yarns for creative people who enjoy textiles, as well as technical yarns for the textile industry. From stock we supply wool yarns, lurex yarns, finest stainless steel wire for machine knitting and weaving, linen yarns, hemp yarns, reflective yarns or photoluminescent yarns. There are also cashmere and alpaca yarns as hand knitting yarns in our range.
Bambusgarne und Baumwollgarne

Nachwachsender Rohstoff aus Zellulose

Technische Spezial  Garne

Diese Garne erfüllen keinen modischen Aspekt, sie sind...

Alpaca, mohair, camel hair and cashmere yarns

Fine animal wool and hair, as well as mixed yarns from alpaca....

Fancy  yarns

Yarns that can be processed to all textile surfaces, e.g. abaca...

Flax Hemp and Jute Abaca yarn

Stem fibres that have retained their naturalness and are usually...

Metallische Garne,  M MX LR MH reflectierende oder phoshoreszierende Typen

Shiny or matt fancy yarns with rectangular or round...

Silk yarns Silk threads

Silk yarns or silk threads made of schappe, tussah or bourette...

Sustainably produced yarns certified according to G.O.TS, OekoTex Standard 100

Weaving- hand knitting or machine knitting yarns e.g. GOTS or...

Wool yarns and wool blends

Woollen yarns from PhiloTeXX, due to 100% share of merino wool...

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Leinengarn 100% Leinen, schwarz, Nm 16

Leinengarn 100% Leinen, schwarz, Nm 16

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