softly falling cotton or polyester fabric, brilliant surface, very noble structure, high quality workmanship. The cotton velvet is flame-retardant and very suitable for public events such as trade fairs, theatres, cinemas, events, upholstery and saddlery, decorations. The fabric is sound-reducing due to its three-dimensional surface. The width is 150 cm. The surface weight per linear metre is between 540 and 860 grams, depending on the velvet quality. Made in the EU. Suitable as a thermal curtain due to its density, reduces heating costs. Sewing service: ask for an offer for your special measurements which we will create individually for you. Sample service: we will be happy to send you a free fabric sample, please do not forget your address.
Cotton velvet

Velvet, 100% cotton, very high quality, noble surface, three...

Polyester velvet

Product information: * very soft quality * durable quality *...