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PhiloTeXX® Metallic Yarn supported MX Type

Item number: SC25714

Twisted effect yarn in different colours

Category: Metallic yarns, M MX LR MH and reflective or phoshorescent types


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PhiloTeXX metal yarn certified according to ÖkoTex Standard 100 with a full surface or matt surface, supported yarns are produced by using two yarns one in S and one in Z to give a balanced twist factor. Uses for the supported yarn are wide weaving, ribbon weaving, wide weaving, knitting or decorative threads in manual work. Cut widths of the yarn 0.25 mm or 0.37 mm.Polyester metallized monofilm is supported by two ends nylon or polyester. X-type looks elegant and luxury. The yarn has strong tensile strength. This product is used widely in making label, lace, tricot, jacquard fabric, embroidery, sweater etc. for knitting in conjunction with cotton wool or acrylic.